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SVRD is always looking for new skaters, referees, NSOs, announcers, volunteers, and sponsors! No prior experience is needed! If you plan to skate with us, you will need skates and safety gear (quad skates, a helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads).

We accept all skater skill levels, and welcome all gender identities over 18 years old (we do not have a junior league at this time).


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What can you do if you don’t want to play, but still want to join SVRD?  What are the other options?

If you do not wish to play for the league there are other great options to still keep you involved!

If you still want to skate you can always become a referee. Refs are the ones with striped shirt’s skating around the inside and outside of the track making sure the skaters keep it safe and calling penalties. If you do not want to skate you can become a non-skating official (NSO). \They are the ones who wear all black and help run the scoreboard, the penalty box, and the start of each jam.