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So, you want to play derby?

Join silicon valley roller derby for our 2024 BootCamp and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to dominate on the flat track!


the basics

this is a 10 Week Boot Camp Session, meant for anyone who is derby-curious, or who wants to learn new skate skills.


Thursdays 7:00PM-9:00PM 


Roosevelt Park (outdoor rink)
901 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95116


Start July 11th 2024
End September 26th 2024
* NO practice on August 1 & August 29


$150 for 10week session onskates training
*New member fee

$75 annually for WFTDA Skating Insurance.
You MUST have WFTDA insurance to skate with us.

Purchase WFTDA Insurance here

Contact Details:

email for more information

what you’ll learn:

Basic Skating Skills

  • Learn correct derby skating posture and strong strides to gain speed & endurance
  • All the stops; T-stops, plough stops and beyond

Balance & Agility

  • Stand, step and shuffle like a pro in your skates
  • Hop (yes…you can) and jump over obstacles
  • Transition to skating backwards and back again

Pack Skills & Interactions

  • Learn to skate together in a roller derby pack
  • Weave around teammates and obstacles
  • Whip your teammates (don’t worry, it’s legal in derby)


  • Learn all the ways to (legally) hip check, shoulder check and more opposing players
  • Use positional blocking to slow or stop opposing players
  • Pushing though a pack as a point scoring Jammer—and how to take a hit

And more!

  • Learn how to work as a team, the finer points of roller derby strategy, rules of game play, all while
  • Make awesome new friends

gear you’ll need:

Expect to spend $250-$275 for all the gear you need. Some skate shops & online retailers have “new skater” packages, including skates, you can semi-customize.

Look for speed or derby style quad skates for best performance.
Entrylevel skates to look for ($130$180)

At The Plex where we practice, skaters like to begin with a softer wheel for better stability and grip on the floor. Look for wheels with a durometer between 85-91 for better grip on the sport court floor. Roosevelt Rink is a similar sport court surface.

Most derby skate setups come with harder (more slippery) wheels.

A set of wheels cost between $60$80. 

You might consider adding a set of even softer outdoor wheels for taking on trail skates and extra outdoor practices. For outdoor wheels, look for a durometer between 7288.

We recommend a dualcertified derby/skateboard helmet or hockey helmet, for example: SOne Lifer ($50)
or Triple 8 Brainsaver Dual Certified ($40)

Knee & Elbow Pads & Wrist Guards:
Look for rollerderby or skateboarding pads (not inline or recreational) and be sure to get the right fit. Size can vary brand to brand.

You need one. Every practice. Get a good fit for comfort. A lot of our skaters like Sisu mouthguards because they are thin and mold to your mouth.

where to buy:

Derby Warehouse

Dottie’s Roller Skate Shop (local!)
2234 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008