Who Are We

Silicon Valley Roller Derby, a flat track roller derby league, is committed to quality athletic entertainment and the connection to its inclusive community while encouraging empowerment, sportsmanship and individuality to all people through the sport of roller derby. We want to welcome everybody and ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible in this league.


Why did we recently change our name

Silicon Valley Roller Derby is actively working to promote a climate that is welcoming and inclusive. We are making an explicit commitment to improving diversity and inclusion within the sport of roller derby. Previously known as Silicon Valley Roller Girls, the Silicon Valley Roller Derby league is promoting a fresh perspective, a new look, name and feel that evokes the revolution.


 What we do as a league for the community

We constantly strive to help the community in a variety of ways to help maintain a support system to those in need. Some events we have done in the past would include blood drives with the Red Cross, partnering with Be the Match (bone marrow registry), Sacred Heart volunteer work, Helping hands food drives, volunteering at Veggielution, and many more.


What is roller derby

Flat track roller derby is a fast-paced contact team sport that requires speed, strategy, and athleticism. The flat track version of the sport evolved in 2001, and has quickly grown to encompass more than 400 leagues worldwide. This is in large part due to the ease of setting up a flat track–it can be done on any flat surface that is suitable for skating, such as skating rinks, basketball courts, parking lots, and even airplane hangars. This greatly reduces the capital needed to start up a roller derby league, and allows small groups of people to get a fledgling league off the ground. The DIY spirit that drives the sport allows roller derby leagues to create their own unique identities and adapt their structures to reflect their local communities.


How is Roller Derby Played

A summary of the game can be found here.